Reel Tease Custom Teasers

Reel Tease Custom Teasers create the most innovative, realistic and effective teasers in big game fishing. All teasers are custom made and measure 1 ½ “ in diameter by 12" in length. They all feature hydro dynamic slots which create an expanded bubble trail and include our machine polished, anodized aluminum end caps. Designed to be trolled from any style teaser reel, this teaser is especially effective when run through the outrigger teaser positions as they are easily retrieved for optimum pitch baiting opportunities.

Vinyl Wrapped Teasers

Skip Jack Vinyl Teaser: $49.00

Dolphin Vinyl Teaser: $49.00

Goggle Eye Vinyl Teaser: $49.00

Hand Painted & Gold Leaf Eye

Skip Jack Hand Painted & Gold Leaf Teaser: $99.00

Dolphin Hand Painted & Gold Leaf Teaser: $99.00

Goggle Eye Hand Painted & Gold Leaf Teaser: $99.00

Outrigger Set

The Outrigger Set is a pair of custom made, hand painted Skip Jack teasers (1 ½ “ diameter x 12" length), . As with all our teasers, these are rigged with only the finest components available like 300 lb. test Lindgren and Pitman Monofilament, tumbled aluminum crimps and high pressure plastic chafe gear for strong durable connections.  A must have for any big game fisherman for the introductory price of $149.00 for the pair.

Outrigger Set (2 Teasers): $149.00


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