Game Fish Kandy

Gamefish Kandy’s are available with three different head types. All heads are made from machined aluminum and like all our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Rigging Tip: Try rigging your Game Fish Kandy as a daisy chain teaser by combining all three head styles into one very effective teaser. Try the combination of a smoker head in front followed by two or three dome heads and a flat head at the back. This daisy chain teaser will be skipping, smoking and letting out fish oil scent, all at the same time. Also add a few dome heads to any dredge teaser or spreader bar and watch the dripping fish oil bring fish to your spread.

Dome Head:

This head is best for using in combination with night time or day time swordfish baits, as an enhancer for shark fishing or deep dropping and bottom fishing for snapper and grouper. The shape of the head makes for easy retrieval from the deepest drop.  Dome head is also a fish oil dispensing system and comes with an 8 oz. bottle of menhaden oil. The dome head can also be used for trolling and live baiting, and skitters on top of the water like a flying fish or panicked bait fish. Attracts fish with site, sound and smell.

Skip Jack Dome Head & Oil
Price: $29.95

Flat Head:

Ideal for trolling in front of a Ballyhoo or small lure while trolling off shore, enhancing live bait presentations or as a popper in front of a casting plug or bait, the flat head pushes water like a mini version of our big game teasers. This head and hull combination is a fish oil dispensing system and comes with an 8 oz. bottle of our finest menhaden oil. Attracts fish with site, sound and smell.

Skip Jack Flat Head & Oil
Price: $24.95

Dolphin Flat Head & Oil
Price: $24.95

Goggle Eye Flat Head & Oil
Price: $24.95

Smoker Head:

Made with a series of holes drilled into the face of the cap, the smoker head is a straight teaser that pops and smokes like one of our large big game teasers. Perfect for using inline as a teaser in front of any trolled bait or lure or on its own, the smoker head makes it easy for the center console owner to fish teasers from any type of teaser reel. Attracts fish with site and sound and includes sound producing marbles.

INTRODUCTORY Discounted Price: $19.95


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