This is a specially and exclusively prepared chum formula for ChumBuoy with all natural ingredients with added luminous fish digestible kernels for more fish attraction. The GFC-90-CHUM also contains natural Menhaden oil base. The special chum does not require freezing and thawing, and does not have a timed shelf life. The container has an easily unscrewable cap/sealer, and has succeeded in diminishing the usual lingering chum scent associated with chum fishing. The chum is not a dry-chum and is packaged in 1 lb. containers for neat and easy handling, and replenishing.

A six (6) pack of the special GFC-90-CHUM.

INTRODUCTORY Discounted Price: $41.99

Menhaden Oil

Menhaden Oil - 8 Ounce Bottle: $6.00


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