Trout Call Castable Teasers

Reel Tease Custom Teasers introduces our new Castable Teasers the Trout Call.  Word is spreading fast how effective these teasers are and their ability to call up trophy size trout, tarpon and redfish. These castable teasers are constructed with same high level standards as our other products.  Each castable teaser comes wrapped to look like a trout, redfish, bass or the new camouflage model – the camo float.

What makes this product  truly remarkable is the castability of the teaser - up to 50 yards.  Also unique is its patented sound chamber - three years in the making - the machined aluminum end caps are tuned to make natural shrimp clicking sounds which drive fish to locate and strike.

These teasers have been thoroughly tested and proven to attract fish at long range.  The teasers have shown the ability attract large trophy fish out of deep cover – these are fish you would normally miss.  Capt. Ron Hueston says, "Anyone can catch small schooling trout, but with the Trout Call Castable Teasers, you can catch large trophy trout that are worth catching."

Trout - Castable Teaser
Price: $12.95

Redfish - Castable Teaser
Price: $12.95

Bass - Castable Teaser
Price: $12.95

Camo Float - Castable Teaser
Price: $12.95



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