Green Fluorescent 8" Discs (Set of 2):

This added on feature results in a further fish attraction due to the cleverly composed light reflective nature of the material used. The fluorescent discs act similar to a light source, appealing to fish, and without the use of any mechanism. The discs can be used singularly or both together with the included spacer.

As an additional fish drawing accessory to the ChumBuoy, a package of two (2) 8” bottom discs with a spacer/”O” ring to be placed between the 2 discs, installation and use directions and suggestions.

INTRODUCTORY Discounted Price: $23.99

Strobe Light:

A pulsating battery operated light inserted into the uppermost ChumBuoy shaft, already designed to accommodate the strobe light, and operated with a simple “on” “off” twist switch. This top quality strobe light is visible for long distances and extremely useful for night fishing or in early morning or other minimal light conditions.

Strobe light with 2 Industrial Grade batteries and additional stainless steel self tapping mounting screws for tightening into the ChumBuoy upper shaft, installation and use directions and suggestions.

INTRODUCTORY Discounted Price: $39.99

Kit of Two (2) Separator Buna "O" Rings, Plus a 2.7 oz. High Quality Silicone Lubricant:

Package of two (2) Buna “O” Rings and a 2.7 oz tube of high quality silicone lubricant.

Price: $12.99

Bottom Cap:

Spare replacement part of the Bottom Cap, with specially designed stainless steel weighted insert.

Package of one Bottom Cap.

Price: $9.99

Towels (4) with the ChumBuoy Inscription:

This easily noticeable and useful towel, sized approximately 12” x 18”- comes in so handy to every fisher. It also is an identifier as being a member of the happy ChumBuoy fishers’ family.

Package of four (4) ChumBuoy Towels.

Price: $15.99


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