Trout Call Castable Teasers

As seen on Florida Adventure Quest

Reel Tease Custom Teasers introduces our new Castable Teasers the Trout Call.  Word is spreading fast how effective these teasers are and their ability to call up trophy size trout, tarpon and redfish. These castable teasers are constructed with same high level standards as our other products.  Each castable teaser comes wrapped to look like a trout, redfish, bass or the new camouflage model – the camo float.

What makes this product  truly remarkable is the castability of the teaser - up to 50 yards.  Also unique is its patented sound chamber - three years in the making - the machined aluminum end caps are tuned to make natural shrimp clicking sounds which drive fish to locate and strike.

These teasers have been thoroughly tested and proven to attract fish at long range.  The teasers have shown the ability attract large trophy fish out of deep cover – these are fish you would normally miss.  Capt. Ron Hueston says, "Anyone can catch small schooling trout, but with the Trout Call Castable Teasers, you can catch large trophy trout that are worth catching."

Contact us for tips on rigging and uses for your Trout Call Castable Teasers by calling 866-985-2486.

Two (2) Trout Calls
INTRODUCTORY Price: $19.99


Reel Tease Custom Teasers

Reel Tease Custom Teasers create the most innovative, realistic and effective teasers in big game fishing. This pair of custom made, hand painted 1 ½ “ in diameter Skip Jack teasers, feature hydro dynamic slots which create an expanded bubble trail and include our machine polished, anodized aluminum end caps. Designed to be trolled from any style teaser reel, this pair is especially effective when run through the outrigger teaser positions as they are easily retrieved for optimum pitch baiting opportunities.

As with all our teasers, these are rigged with only the finest components available like 300 lb. test Lindgren and Pitman Monofilament, tumbled aluminum crimps and high pressure plastic chafe gear for strong durable connections.  A must have for any big game fisherman for the introductory price of $149.00 for the pair.

Double Header (2 Teasers): $149.00

Capt. Anthony DiGiulian uses Reel Tease Custom Teasers…

Every so often a new product comes along that really makes a difference in the number of fish I catch. Reel Tease Custom Teasers is that product and I am proud to be a part of their team. I have made my reputation by being honest about how I fish and what I use. As The Billfish Foundations Conservation Ambassador and Co-founder of the IGFA School of Sportfishing, my reputation is very important to me. I have had the honor of working for the best sport fishing operations in the world and have learned my craft from the top Captains of my generation. Simply put, Reel Tease builds the most effective, realistic and innovative teasers to ever hit the water. I have spent a great deal of time helping to develop and perfect this new line of products and want to tell you why I believe you should be using Reel Tease custom Teasers.

Hull design is critical to a teaser or lures performance. The ability for a teaser to stay in the water, while creating a consistent air bubble and large smoke trail is most important. Reel Tease Teasers have been specifically designed to achieve this purpose. Each teaser features hydro dynamic slots, strategically cut into the hull to reduce the pressure of the air bubble created at the front of the teaser. This design creates an expanded smoke trail and allows the teaser to run straight while staying in the water even in the roughest conditions. Also unique to these teasers is that the leader is run through the length of the hull, which means that the teaser is being pulled from the back and the leader acts like a rudder in front of the teaser. This allows the teaser to swim with greater efficiency and without unwanted pitch and roll. These innovations allow you troll the teasers from any style teaser reel and to retrieve the teasers with relative ease.

Real Tease Teasers are rigged with only the highest quality components. Machine polished, anodized aluminum end caps, 300LB test Lindgren and Pitman Monofilament, tumbled aluminum crimps and high pressure plastic chafe gear are all standard and make for strong, durable connections.

Real Tease Teasers offer you options and enhancers. Teasers are available in a hand painted version or vinyl wrapped version to resemble Skip Jack Tuna, Mahi-Mahi or Google Eye. Any Real Tease Teaser can be custom painted to resemble any bait fish that swims. The large 3 inch diameter model comes with an interior chamber that can hold fish oil or dry chum. This option is very popular on the professional King fish tournament circuit and works very well when slow trolling live bait. All models can also hold noise making ball bearings for a rattler affect. Combine all of these qualities and Real Tease offers a product unique to the world of big game fishing. 

Check out the Reel Tease in a Demonstration Video Below:


Introducing the ChumBuoy

“The ChumBuoy is the most innovative product to hit the world of recreational sportfishing since the invention of the chum bag” says Capt. Rick Murphy.

The ChumBuoy has a multitude of applications.  The ChumBuoy can be used as a marker, a fish attractor, a chumming device, a retrievable float when fishing, and the list goes on and on.  The ChumBuoy can be preloaded with chum before leaving the dock and reloaded, mess-free, by simply inserting another chum canister.

Here's how the ChumBuoy works... Deployed either free floating or anchored, the bouncing motion of the sea will activate the ChumBuoy in a plunger like motion which in turn continuously dispenses the contained chum.  This will attract bait fish of all types, and in turn, attract many different predator fish.

The ChumBuoy will attract many different fish and hold 'em.  Before you leave this site, please make sure you check our ChumBuoy Demonstration Video.


Captain Rick Murphy says...

When I think about chumming, I picture blue tint of Ballyhoo in a tight ball, swimming back and forth picking out little bits of Chum, and a little further back, the 14kt gold glow of large school of yellowtail snapper getting their share of missed opportunity, and below the yellowtail the dark shape of a large black grouper.  This all happens when chumming a reef.

Unfortunately, the mess of a chum bag is a part of this picture as well, and what to do with the wax covered box, and what to do with the left over chum when moving to another location – Chumming is a messy business, but not anymore.  My friends, all our prayers have been answered.

The new ChumBuoy is the most innovated product to hit the world of fishing since the invention of the chum bag. This shock absorber shaped product is designed by fisherman for fisherman.  It has a multitude of applications. It can be used as a marker, a fish attractor, a chumming device, or a retrievable float when swordfishing.  It can be preloaded with chum before leaving the dock, and simply said, It is mess free.

The way it works is really simple. As the free floating or anchored buoy is placed in the water, the bounce motion of the sea will activate the plunger like canister to begin dispensing chum.  This will attract your bait fish, ballyhoos, pilchards, pinfish, sardines, speedo, just to name a few of which have fallen prey to the ChumBuoy.  The exciting feature of the ChumBuoy is its mobility.

With the ChumBuoy you will catch bait faster, more efficiently with less mess.  Ultimately, as an angler you will spend more time fishing”


Photo Of the Month...

Spiced Rum III Fishing Team
We have been tournament fishing for over 10 years and have always done very well. Thanks to the Reel Tease in 2011 we placed and won more tournaments than other years. The device is something like I have never seen or used in the past. I have always looked for a way to dispense oil without getting it all over the boat. This product dispenses chum and oil at the same time and puts out the biggest slick I have ever seen. We scaled over 5 40lb Kings this year and even brought them in to the docks when there was a very slow bite. I will definitely not leave the dock without a Reel Tease on board.
Captain Bill Wummer

Fish to Make a Difference Presents
The Big Fish Challenge

Fish to Make a Difference” is an organization which believes that the sport of fishing has unlimited potential to bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together, to change lives, and help improve the environment on which we all depend. The organization is dedicated to benefitting our community and many lives of those who are in need. “Fish to Make a Difference” pledges to raise funds for some very important and honored charities. The goal is to enable the fishing public to come together and make a difference for many in need. In addition, it will help preserve the marine environment. By combining the love of fishing and the outdoor lifestyle, all can enjoy friendly competition while helping those less fortunate. Participating in the year-long Big Fish Challenge, will directly impact the lives of families with a child suffering from terminal illness, American service men and women who have been injured protecting our freedoms, and conservation groups that fight for our rights to fish while protecting our valuable natural resources.

Charities supported by “Fish to Make a Difference:”

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation • The Wounded Warriors Program • The Billfish Foundation

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